Our Peacocks

What could be more beautiful than watching a Peacock (male Pea Fowl) displaying his plume with the hope of catching the attention of a female (Pea Hen).  In the evening they’ll find their way to the tree tops for a good night’s rest.

If you hear some scratching on the roof, don’t be alarmed it’s probably just one of them making their way across the roof.  If you’ve never heard their vocalizations, you’re in for quite a treat.  No spoiler alerts here but just know you don’t have to listen to hard to hear them.

As you see below, not all Pea Fowl show blue/green plumage as seen in many photos.  Even when they do, it is not primary pigmentation that creates the coloration but a reflection of light through the structure of their feathers.  White Peacocks are not necessarily albino, most are what is referred to as leucistic, which means they have a different variation of pigmentation than their blue and green counterparts.

Peacocks at Buck Valley Ranch in Warfordsburg, PA.

Peacocks at Buck Valley Ranch in Warfordsburg, PA.

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