The guest house was built around 1930. It is for our guests exclusively. The house has central air (a luxury seldom needed in our cool mountain air) plus several bedrooms have individual air conditioners.


House 1


There is a common living room, dining room and 1½ shared bathrooms. Guests have access to a refrigerator. Cowboy memorabilia and antiques help make the guest house a comfortable and fun place to stay. There are an abundance of books to read, games to play and things to remember from days gone by.

Living Room


The four bedrooms can accommodate eight people very comfortably, but if you have a larger group, it will hold up to twelve people. There is also a sofa bed in the living room. There are: Bedroom One with one double bed, Bedroom Two with one double bed and one double/single bunk bed, Bedroom Three with one double bed and one trundle bed and Bedroom Four with one double bed and one single bed (this bedroom is on the first floor).

FU9539236 - Bedroom



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